Pops and Bambi 3

Poppy is a British artist, having graduated with a sell out degree show she exhibits her work all over the country and is held in collections around the world. Normally you find her with a paint brush and a canvas - until now. This time she's collaborating with Bambi.

Bambi refers to the stunning deer antlers which has inspired this new collection.

I feel through this process I give these incredible objects a second life, honouring their natural beauty, yet transforming them at the same time.

I love the idea of working with nature, something that has had a life of it's own before I receive it. They have been moulded and shaped depending on their environment - no two the same, and as they develop into art pieces I see them 'come to life' once more.

These antlers are a quirky take on the long standing tradition.


Category: 2016

Type: Pops and Bambi